Greenhouse Repairs, Maintenance, and Modification

Friday, 25/08/2023



25/08/2023, Administrator


Not only constructing new greenhouses, JaCo also assists with other greenhouse-related issues. Tasks such as repairs, maintenance, and modifications to various parts of existing greenhouses are also fully supported by us. Therefore, if there are any greenhouse-related concerns, feel free to contact JaCo.

Repairs and Maintenance of Greenhouses:

Cracks, rust, missing panels, structural or stormed damage or inefficient ventilation systems - these issues can affect the performance of a greenhouse and the growth of plants within. At JaCo, we have a team of skilled technical experts ready to carry out greenhouse repairs and maintenance tasks to ensure optimal and sustainable operations.


Modification and Improvement:

The agricultural landscape is continuously evolving, and modifying parts or the entire structure of a greenhouse may be necessary to meet new demands. We offer greenhouse modification services, from consultation to design and implementation, ensuring that your greenhouse remains aligned with the latest industry requirements.


Contact and Consultation:

If you are facing greenhouse-related issues, let JaCo be your reliable companion. For more detailed information about our greenhouse repair, maintenance, and modification services at JaCo, please visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly through the hotline: 021 435 312. We are committed to providing optimal solutions to ensure your greenhouse operates efficiently and meets all your needs.