Whether you need shelter for your farm livestock, a commercial polyhouse to grow food undercover or a shade or shelter solution for your home, we’re the team to talk to.

We work with farmers, horticulturalists, commercial growers, and home-owners nationwide to deliver cover solutions that suit their unique needs. We’ll advise you on the right product for you, whether it’s a kitset or a custom-build.

We handle the whole process

From design and excavation through to completion, we carry out the whole project. All our structures are constructed from sturdy wood or steel, then covered with plastic or film using our superior application techniques.

Horticulture and commercial growers

Whatever you want to grow, if you’re growing plants or food undercover, you can rely on our highly specialised knowledge. Our many years’ hands on experience in market gardening means we offer expert advice, high quality service and a superior product.

From subtropical to berries and orchids to roses, we’ll ensure you get a commercial grade greenhouse or polyhouse that meets the unique requirements of your crop.

We’ll advise you on the right type of structure, roof vents and the best colour and thickness of film to give your crop the best light and temperature conditions.

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Animal shelters and livestock housing

Whether dairy cows, goats, pigs or ducks we can provide shelters and housing that suits the needs of your stock. We’ll work with you to assess your requirements then advise you on the best type of structure.

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Solutions for indoor/outdoor living

Make the most of your outdoor living space in homes, schools or other buildings with shade and shelter structures that suit your needs and are long-lasting. We can tailor-make a shade structure that is in keeping with the style of building, ensuring that your property looks great.

We offer kitset or custom built options for the following:

  • Pool covers
  • Deck covers
  • Shade solutions

Custom builds

We design and construct a solution to suit your needs, whether you need cover for a feed pad, a subtropical specific greenhouse, or a home garden polyhouse. We’ll discuss your specific needs and give you a range of options that fits your brief.

All structures are constructed from durable wood or steel and covered with a plastic, film or fabric that suits your needs.

Home gardening

From roses to coffee beans, papayas or dragon fruit, no matter what you want to grow in your garden we can create the right cover.

We’ll give you great advice about the right product for you, from custom builds or off the shelf kitsets.

We also repair, maintain, and modify existing polytunnel and greenhouses, to keep you growing for many years to come.

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Greenhouse repair, maintenance, and modification

If your existing polyhouse or greenhouse needs to be upgraded, have new film applied or if you’d like changed from glass to plastic, we’re the team to call.

Our staff will advise you on the best course of action to ensure your structure meets the requirements of your crop.

When you need a shade solution for your home or a commercial polyhouse to grow food or plants, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

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